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Loft Ladders & Loft Boarding

Loft Ladders & Loft Boarding


We can supply and fit a deluxe folding pine wooden loft ladder, 15sq M of flooring* and pendant light with switch from £735 including VAT.

Providing easy and safe access to your loft, the ladder is functional, light weight and durable.  It is easy to access and when folded, it is 'hidden' in the ceiling, freeing space inside the room.


We can supply and fit a folding pine wooden loft ladder alone from £399

* further flooring would cost approx £18 (inc) per sq M





The successful design of a living area depends on selecting the appropriate flooring material. We can recommend various flooring materials according to the sub-division of the building and the shape of the living space, and then undertake the laying. We will also be happy to offer support if you require any repairs or replacement.


For example, you may select from:

  • Solid wood flooring
  • Laminate flooring


Stud Walls


If your 3 bedroom house has two large and one very small bedroom, you may want to consider moving a wall in one of the larger rooms to make the smaller room bigger.  You could stop the kids arguing over who has the larger room, it could give you a bigger guest room or it could even help you sell your house!




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